Michael Sanders – The Gatekeeper Within

Michael Sanders practice is based at his workshop on the East complex near Manby, Louth. Michael was winner of the first annual OPEM competition or East Midlands artists initiated by the Collection, Lincoln in 2010.

 Michael though his practice explores issues around nuclear weapons and their effect on regions and people since there creation.

 The work Trinity Marker which can be seen at the Embassy Gallery was first shown in the exhibition TRINITY La Jornada Del Muerto in 2005 at The Horse Hospital in London. The exhibition was timed to mark the 60th anniversary of the first nuclear explosion on the 16 July 1945 in the New Mexico desert. The work was a collaboration with the American artist Walter Cotten who died in 2008.

 A video by James Holland and was uploaded to Youtube as a tribute to Walter Cotten who died in 2008, it can be viewed at:


 Website: http://www.eastcomplex.com/

A preview and launch event for The Gatekeeper Within will take place on Friday 28 June at 7.00 pm, and the exhibition will be open daily throughout SO Festival from 29 June to 7 July.

Visit The SO FESTIVAL site to read more about events, exhibitions, shows and parades throughout this week! 

Michael Sanders_02

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