The Gatekeeper Within – Contemporary Collaborative Exhibition

 The Gatekeeper Within: a collaborative exhibition by contemporary Lincolnshire artists Lind Anso, Nicki Jarvis, Michael Sanders, Jason Wilsher-Mills and Malcolm Tait.

See links at the bottom of this page to read more about the artists and their work. 

The exhibition seeks to introduce the idea that humans, as individuals and as a whole, must regularly decide which information, from the barrage we receive daily, we will retain to strengthen or alter our concepts of life and humanity and what we reject.

A preview and launch event for The Gatekeeper Within will take place on Friday 28 June at 7.00 pm, and the exhibition will be open daily throughout SO Festival from 29 June to 7 July.

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Lind Anso

Nicki Jarvis

Michael Sanders

Malcolm Tait

Jason Wilsher-Mills

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