The Golden Suburbs – Sean Williams

The Golden Suburbs is an Exhibition of Works by Sheffield based artist Sean Williams.

The paintings include views of isolated farmsteads, housing estates, and marinas under construction as he seeks to compare and contrast the different places where we choose to live.  As a group, the artist’s intention is for them to tell a broader story of individual choice and lifestyles.

Within the series there is a suggestion of the unusual, not the spectacular, in order to encourage both a slight shift from a traditional reading and a personal inquiry on the part of the spectator into possible meaning. 

 Earlier works in the series are rendered in a tight pointillist style, the precise dots forming an almost photographic image when viewed from a certain distance.

 Sean explains “It was my intention to develop a pictorial façade almost indistinguishable from digital pixilation.  More recently, my technique has expanded to include other brush marks, even leaving some areas unfinished in order to distinguish them as paintings from a digital print, for example.”

 When asked to summarise his style within The Golden Suburbs series Sean replies modestly but with consideration –

“I suppose I’d say I was just a painter, in a sense, documenting our suburban environment.”

Sean is currently one of the featured artists in the Leeds City Art “Vending Art” Project – click to Read More from the BBC

The exhibition will be displayed in The Embassy Evening Art Gallery from April 25th – June 25th; open with every show performance.

The title image for the series is “Restructuring”

Sean can be visited online HERE

Just a sneek preview – prior to preview – if you like! (Deliberately vague)

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