Lyn Baker – Contemporary Glass Artist – February 2013

A designer and maker of hand blown and kiln formed studio glass and architectural panels. Lyn enjoys working in both two and three dimensions and works with both hot and cold glass.

Nestle Range Fluted Bowl 1

Her work revolves around the underlying themes of ‘movement and change’. Taking a panorama or a sequence of photographs of a chosen subject she develops a design through the use of a wide variety of drawing media and model making. Lyn is drawn to geometric form, optical illusion, sacred geometry and the symbolism that surrounds it and sees a geometric form as a type of boundary to be broken; a challenge to see how far it can be taken, using glass and its unique optical qualities as a means of expression and communication.

The ‘Aqua’ and ‘Autumn’ ranges shown in this exhibition are influenced by boundaries and barriers, both physical and human.

I enjoy finding ways of breaking down the glass and ‘rebuilding’ it to create something that is beautiful.

Lyn admits to being fascinated by the way that the light changes as it travels across the Lincolnshire Wolds; an area of outstanding natural beauty where she lives, and an area that is a constant source of inspiration. The range of ‘Furrow’ plates and bowls for example, are hand blown and after the final gather the glass is plunged into a geometrically shaped metal mould before heating and shaping, giving the characteristic furrow. Ranges such as the ‘Nestle’ bowls, are based on the patterning and shapes of birds eggs and the mouths of baby bird chicks.

The exhibition will be displayed from 23rd of February; exhibit open every show performance – all enquiries

Lyn baker Glass All Change For Lincoln 008 All Change For Lincoln 009 All Change For Lincoln 010 All Change For Lincoln 011 All Change For Lincoln 012 All Change For Lincoln 014

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