SO Brohemia June 2012

Swedish SHOCK ART Could Cause A Stir

As part of an international programme The Embassy Gallery is playing host to a cutting edge Exhibition from Swedish Stencil Artists Brohemia (Short For: Brother/Bohem/Utopia)
Their Graffiti Styled Stencil Art has been likened to the Urban methods and messages portrayed by British street artist Banksy.
Brand new on the art scene siblings Casper and Horst Jarmo are delighted to have the opportunity to display their works throughout the Skegness SO Festival, which has gained international recognition since its conception in 2009.
With their first trip abroad they’ve been looking at typically British iconic things to twist around a bit. Marmite being one of their “Victims”. “It isn’t Iconclast, it’s Iconblast!” says Casper.
The exhibition will be available for preview in The Embassy Foyer on show evenings from Sunday 17th June and opens to the public for the duration of the SO Festival from June 23rd.
All views are the artists own.

Examples of a few pieces exhibited are pictured here

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