Going Over Oct 2012

Welcoming in the Autumn months this October The Embassy Gallery unveils a full body of work from local professional artist May Jones. The series portrays the short-lived, over looked yet remarkable life cycle of nature in floral form whether in full bloom or partial decay each depicting a dramatic and unique beauty.
May works predominately in mixed media form and is credited as one the leading collage artists in the country but her inspiration for this body of works was quite simple and even slightly mundane as she explains
“One day I noticed a dandelion making its home in between my paving slabs, the next day I noted the self same dandelion and just how much it had developed in 24 hrs into a beautiful display living and flourishing in between the concrete, that’s when I began sketching the stages of it’s rapid life cycle bud through bloom watching each petal drop as the inevitable decay began – this lead to further sketching and sculpting as I explored the ongoing natural cycle of other flora and fauna.”
The works on display use a mixture of medias adding organic reality and texture to the otherwise 2D pieces with enormity of scale increasing the drama of each study and vibrant colour schemes assaulting the senses of the viewer.
The Exhibition opens by invitation on Sunday 12th October and thereafter from 6pm every show evening until December 12th.

Selection of Images From Mays very sucessful solo exhibition.

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